We Make Time Stand Still

We help you tell the story of your loved ones’ special moments and seasons through hand-painted and fine photographic portrait art. Our wall portraits make time stand still and serve as a constant reminder of what and who is of upmost importance. We help you celebrate your legacy. 

Fine Photographic and Mixed-Media Portraiture

Perfectly Designed for Your Home

Our Four Styles


The farm where you were raised. The creek where you fished. The campus where you met. The house you proudly built. The places that bring a flood of memories and peace for our soul.


These are the places that help tell your story. This is where your family’s memories were created. A natural choice for your family’s portrait. After all, it’s both the setting and the frame of your family’s story...let it be a part of your portrait masterpiece.

Fine Art Black & White

His expression. Her delight. That face. The emotion in your relationships. These touching connections become part of who you are; they help define you.

Magic happens when you view an image without color. It becomes a highly emotional experience as you enjoy a connection with the subject that is undistracted and pure. Combining soft light and a dark simple scene focused on your tender expressions, these portraits are a reminder of what matters most: the beautiful faces which define your most personal connections and relationships.

Created exclusively in dramatic black and white, handcrafted and formally presented, our Fine Art Portraits are instant classics: timeless reminders of your family.

Treasured Moments

The delight of laughter, the quietness of a special book, a tea party between sisters, a game of Rook on the floor, a family picnic in the garden, a shared bottle of wine.

These are experiences that make us smile.

Our Treasured Moments Portraits celebrate your special relationships. The innocence of a child and the nostalgia of a parent, mingled with rich colors and dramatic lighting, take you to a place of love and joy. Our Treasured Moments become priceless keepsakes that capture your imagination and take you back to that moment again and again.

Modern Classics


“Art, architecture, literature or design with a timeless quality and lasting worth over a period of time.”

Iconic, timeless and traditional, these never go out of style. Our Modern Classics Portraits will increase in value over the years. Inspired by the magnificent portraits of Rembrandt, Sargent and Gainsborough, these portraits combine classic techniques with your family’s story and the style of today. Whether formal or informal, a child or group, a bride, a high school senior or an executive portrait, these portraits secure memories from each chapter of your life.

Our Modern Classics last a lifetime and beyond.

Found in Oklahoma's Most Beautiful Homes